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From the tiny Chihuahua to the mighty Pit-bull, it doesn’t matter which race is your dog, what does matter is his treatment and maintenance, and here in 2 Dog Leash we always explain the issue of carrying two dogs with different leashes and how important is to use a leash that is capable of carrying two dogs or even more, no matter their size.

That’s one of the many reasons we keep bringing content and articles in 2 Dog Leash is to educate every dog owner about which accessories and collars should they buy for their canine friend, but since the amount of different items is immense, it take us a lot of extra work to review and examine every piece and accessory and compare with other products of different brands.

This take us an enormous amount of time, and since here in 2 Dog Leash, we aren’t as much writers as you might think, it drains us time that we could spent in our daily lives or in other projects, but since we are so passionate about the sit, we’re asking for every one of our readers to contribute with a little amount of money in our donate box, you can donate any amount of money if you wish, the important part is that you are contributing to a noble cause.

But 2 Dog Leash is also in the constant search of a sponsor that understands the value of our information. We have many loyal readers all around the globe so having a deal with us and advertise here could be great for both sides. Our door is always open for investors that wish to run ads on our site and other funding sources that are interested in what we do here in 2 Dog Leash