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Hi, my name is Joseph Burkhart and I’m the founder of this site, 2 Dog Leash a site that contains and provides the most accurate and important information about everything you need to know in the field of dogs and their accessories with a special focus on dual leashes.

This site, as many others, started from the dust, only with the compromise of bringing the best advices for you and your pet, but as time went by, 2 Dog Leash started to expand and got bigger. This lead us to contribute to every dog owner and dog enthusiast who wish to know more about collars and accessories and what is the right one for every dog out there.

If you are more interested in having a collar specially designed to carry 2 dogs at the same time, here in 2 Dog Leash, we specialize in that subject as well, and you won’t miss any information in that regard.

2 Dog Leash has been going through many ups and downs over the years, but thanks to our beloved team of writers, which gets bigger and wiser every day, we’ve been able to keep things afloat during the hard times.

They’re a team full of pet owners and dog lovers who only wish to preserve the happiness of our buddies at home. That’s why since the beginning here in 2 Dog Leash, we swear to provide you with the best articles about this subject, with lots of energy and professionalism behind them.

Our articles are aimed to inform dog owners about everything they need to know to maintain a happy and healthy dog. We talk about every subject with an special focus on dog collars and how are they made and produced, as well every new accessory that comes out to the market.

Here we analyze them and test their safety and use so you and your pet can have hours of fun, knowing that they’re safe.